Information Solution Specialists

Keep Them Honest (KTH)

Our KTH methodology was borne out of the realisation over fifteen years as an independent consultancy, that frequently, organisations that fall in the SMME market, are forced to outsource their ICT functions to service providers that are readily willing to exploit the customer’s lack of technical knowledge and/or oversight to make exuberant amounts of  money through providing mundane products and services.
At Dibs our KTH approach is always backed by quality products at extraordinary prices, that always carry the highest possible warranties. Our intermediary services, are always clearly defined, with irrefutable evidence of the satus quo. All analytical services are backed by clearly defined and qualified methodologies that outlines undeniable accountability.
Our KTH approach ensures that we put our money where our mouth is, and any product or service provided under our KTH banner, is backed by a money back guarantee that we will fully reimburse you for any service or product that falls outside the scope of our promised deliverables.